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Welcome to our Golf Club Regripping service page! We specialize in providing top-quality golf club regripping with quick turnaround times and competitive prices. Whether you need grips from leading brands like Golf Pride, Winn, or SuperStroke, our expert team ensures your clubs are ready for the course in no time. Experience enhanced comfort, control, and performance with our professional regripping services. Get the best value and superior golf grips to improve your game today!

Golf Club Regrip Pricing

Regrip Type Price
In-Store Grip Purchase Price of Grip + $2 Install fee (Per Club)
Out-of-Store Grip Purchase $3 Install Fee (Per Club)

Golf Club Regripping Information

Regripping Time

Turnover time for club regripping is typically 3-5 minutes per club, however it can have a max turnover time of 24 hours depending on staff availability.

Golf club regripping is completed in the order that it is received.


If we don't have a specific grip in stock we do have the capability of ordering most grips. This will result in longer turnover times (4 days to a week), however you will still receive the same pricing as if the grip was purchased in-store.

We are not able to save grips when taking them off clubs.

If you have any extra specifications, like logo down, be sure to inform sales associate when clubs are brought in.

When bringing in clubs make sure to take all headcovers and other accessories with you.

It is the customers responsibility to check clubs after getting regripped to make sure they are done to their liking. We are not responsible for any grip discrepancies after clubs leave the premises.

We are not able to regrip all types of shafts or clubs, like bubble shafts. We may turn down a club regrip due to inability to regrip the clubs. 

Equipment left over 90 days is considered abandoned.

Golf Club Regripping