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Do you have old clubs in your garage that you don't use? Or are you looking to upgrade your current set so you can tear it up on the golf course this year? Here at Golfer's and Skier's Outlet we are notorious for offering customers top dollar on their golf club trade-ins. We pride ourselves in ensuring that customers receive a fair price for trade-ins so you get the most for your old, used clubs. When doing trade-ins we reference the PGA Value Guide and then typically increase that value based on the condition and age of the clubs. Once the trade-in is finalized you have the option to receive in-store credit on a customer account, through a gift card, or by deducting it from an in-store purchase. To see the approximate amount we would give you for your used clubs use the PGA Value Guide below.


Club trade-ins are paid out through in-store credit. We do not offer cash payment or payment via check for trade-ins

Trade-ins can only be done in-store with the trade-in clubs present

We only accept golf clubs for trade-in (Exceptions may be made depending on the condition of the equipment being traded)

Staff has the right to turn clubs away based on the condition and age of the clubs

After clubs are traded-in they aren't able to be repurchased since they immediately go out on the sales floor and have the possibility of being sold to other customers

We are more likely to take in used iron sets over individual irons regardless of the condition and age (There's more value in full iron sets over individual irons)