2021/22 Rentals November 1st
We currently sold out of the majority of our seasonal rentals - please call for availability

Due to the high demand for our seasonal rental program we will no longer be offering daily rentals.

-Full Set-

Full Season: $130

-Ski Only-

Full Season: $80

-Boot Only-

Full Season: $55

  • Rentals are on a FIRST come FIRST serve basis

  • We do not take appointments

  • Rental set-up must be done in store and the person utilizing the items must be present during the rental process

  • When in store there is the possibility of there being a wait - and no guarantee we will have the sizes needed

  • The rental process could take up to 30 minutes per person so allow enough time to be properly fitted

The renter is responsible for the replacement cost of lost or stolen equipment. Ski / Deck $400 – Boots $200 – Poles $30. Rentals returned past agreed upon date may be subject to a $10 late fee. Full season rentals are due back May 1st.