Ski & Snowboard Tuning

-Tune Packages-

Quick Tune - Machine Wax & Machine Edge

Basic Tune – Hot Wax & Machine Edge: $39.99

Comprehensive Tune - Belt Resurfacing, Hot Wax & Machine Edge: $54.99

Deluxe Tune – Belt Resurfacing / Base Structuring, Hot Wax & Machine Edge: $69.99

Machine Wax: Wax applied using a machine $9.99


Hot Wax / Summer Wax: Wax applied by hand, heated with an iron - permeates the base of the ski/snowboard better than a machine wax – lasting longer $29.99


Machine Edge: Sharpening dull edges to allow better grip to the snow $14.99


Belt Resurfacing: Sanding the outer layer of the base of the ski/snowboard, exposing fresh base, allowing it to retain wax better $24.99


Base Structuring: Applying grooves to the base of the ski/snowboard allowing the equipment to glide more effectively $29.99

-Equipment Repair-

Small P-Tex / Epoxy (2”): $9.99

Medium P-Tex / Epoxy (6”): $19.99

Large P-Tex / Epoxy (12”): $19.99

*Anything Requiring more work will be called with a quote

-Boot / Binding Repair-

Pole Baskets Replacement: $6.99 each

Ski Brake Replacement: $14.99 each

Small Part Binding Repair: $4.99 each

Large Part Binding Repair: $14.99 each

Liner Mold: $24.99

Oven Mold: $39.99

-Binding Installation-

System Binding Install: $29.99

Hardmount Binding Install: $59.99

Snowboard Binding Install: $19.99

*Purchase One Item: 25% Off

*Purchase Two Items: 50% Off

*Purchase All Items: Free

(Skis / Decks / Bindings / Boots)

*System Skis are Considered 2 Items

Service work is completed in the order it is received. Turnover time is 7 to 10 days. Depending on the service or parts needed, this time may be extended. Serving does not guarantee there will not be future issues. We are not responsible for equipment left over 60 days. If left unpaid – service equipment will not be released