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We will not be offering club repairs until February 1st, 2024 (We are still able to do club shortening and regripping)


Repair Type Price
Club Extension $10 + Grip Price (Per Club)
Club Shortening $4 + Grip Price (Per Club)
Club Reglue $5 Per Club
Club Re-Shaft (Graphite) $60 + Grip Price (Per Club)
Club Re-Shaft (Steel) $50 + Grip Price (Per Club)
Golf Shoe Spike Replacement $10 per pair + Price of Spikes

Club Repair Information

Repair Time

Most of our club repairs are completed by a third party with a turnover time of 3 days to a week.

The only club repair that we are able to do in-store is club shortening which has a turnover time of about 10 minutes per club


When getting a shaft replaced we will match the specific flex and composition you desire; however, we don't offer customized or specific shafts (You can purchase a customized shaft separately and get it installed through us)

There is a possibility for discoloration on the adjustable tips of a shaft during a re-shaft from the process of heating the shaft

Clubs have to be brought into the store in order for work to be done on them so our staff is able to determine what repair(s) needs to be done or if the equipment is repairable

Golf Club Repairs