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Binding Installation Pricing

Install Type Type Price
System Binding Install Ski $29.99 per pair
Binding Adjustment Ski $29.99 per pair
Hard Mount Binding Install Ski $79.99 per pair
Snowboard Binding Install Snowboard $19.99 per snowboard

Binding Installation Discounts:

When installing ski and snowboard bindings we offer a discount based on the amount of equipment purchased at Skier's Outlet. Equipment purchases that are applicable for the discount include skis, snowboard decks, bindings, and boots (system skis are considered two items). The following discounts are offered with these equipment purchases:

Purchase 1 Item: 25% off install

Purchase 2 Items: 50% off install

Purchase ALL Items: FREE INSTALL


Binding Repair Pricing

Repair/Replacement   Price
Brake Replacement Ski Brake $24.99 per brake
Ankle Strap Replacement Without Ratchet Snowboard Ankle Strap $19.99 per strap
Toe Strap Replacement Without Ratchet Snowboard Toe Strap $14.99 per strap
Toe/Ankle Ratchet Replacement Snowboard Toe/Ankle Ratchet $14.99 per ratchet
Binding Disc Replacement Snowboard Binding Disc $9.99 per disc
Forward Lean Adjuster Replacement Snowboard Forward Lean Adjuster $5.99 per adjuster

Mounting Hardware Replacement

(Screws and Washers)

Snowboard Mounting Hardware $0.99 each

Tooled Adjuster Screw Replacement

Snowboard Tooled Adjuster Screw $3.99 per screw

Toolless Adjuster Replacement

Snowboard Toolless Adjuster Screw $5.99 per adjuster

Toe/Ankle Adjuster Strap Replacement

Snowboard Toe/Ankle Adjuster Strap $4.99 per strap

Toe/Ankle Ladder Strap Replacement

Snowboard Toe/Ankle Ladder Strap $4.99 per strap

BOA Repair (Labor Cost)

Snowboard BOA Repair $9.99 per BOA


Binding Installation and Repair Information

Binding Installation

Turnover time for binding installation varies by the type of installation, the following times are the average amount of time it takes to do an installation:

System Binding: A system binding has a pre-determined binding for the specific ski. The installation plate is pre-drilled into the ski.

• Average turnover time: 30 Minutes (Maximum 24 Hours)

Binding Adjustment: Binding is already installed on the ski but needs to be fitted to a new boot. No drilling is required to make the adjustment (If drilling is required it will be charged as a hard mount binding install)

• Average turnover time: 30 Minutes (Maximum 24 Hours)

Hard Mount Binding: A hard mount binding is one that was purchased separately from the ski and requires drilling into the ski for installation.

• Average turnover time: 1 hour (Maximum 3 Days)

Snowboard Binding: Installing snowboard bindings involves setting binding angles and screwing in hardware along with adjusting the footbed and strap length.

• Average turnover time: 30 minutes (Maximum 24 Hours)

*For ski mounts we require the users boots along with their height, weight, age, and skier type to properly mount and set-up bindings for the skier

*For snowboard mounts it is recommended that we have the users boots to properly adjust the bindings for the snowboarder

Binding Repair/Replacement

Turnover time for binding repairs and replacements is on average 20 minutes, the maximum amount of time it will take is 2 days as long as a part doesn't need to be ordered


Depending on the availability of our staff, in store traffic, and on hand part inventory some installations and repairs may take longer to complete; however, our staff will try to finish them as soon as we can (For faster turnover times we recommend coming in during the week)

Ski Mounts

We are only able to mount bindings that we have a jig for so we aren't able to mount all models of bindings. Check out what bindings we are able to mount.

Some bindings are deemed too old and/or unsafe for us to work on so we may not be able to adjust or mount your bindings. We will be posting the Indemnified Binding List soon to let you know if we can work on your bindings (If your bindings are on this list we are able to adjust or mount them)

Used ski boots are subject to inspection before mounting to be sure that they are safe for the skier and will work properly with the binding

Not all ski boots are compatible with every type of binding (This will need to be examined in store by our associates to be sure that your boot will work with the binding that we're mounting)

Snowboard Mounts

Some of the bindings that we have in store aren't compatible with Burton snowboards so if you have a Burton Snowboard we may not be able to mount the bindings and vice versa

Binding Repair/Replacement

It is not guaranteed that we have the exact binding part that you're looking for available (We have most of the parts from the brands we carry, but they may not be compatible with the specific model of binding that you have)We don't have parts from brands that we don't carry