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We will not be accepting any tuning services besides hot waxes until September 1st, 2024

Package Includes Price
Quick Tune

Machine Wax

Machine Edge

Basic Tune

Hot Wax

Machine Edge

Comprehensive Tune

Belt Resurfacing

Hot Wax

Machine Edge

Deluxe Tune

Belt Structuring

Belt Resurfacing

Hot Wax

Machine Edge


To find out which package fits your needs best check out our individual tune services page

Tuning Information

Tuning Techniques

Machine Edge

Machine edging utilizes a machine that we set to the factory recommended edge angle of your ski/snowboard (We will change the edge angle to make edges more precise or more forgiving if desired)

Machine Wax

Machine waxing involves using a waxing machine that applies heated wax to the base and buffs the wax out using an industrial nylon brush

We run the ski/snowboard on the machine a few times to be sure an ample amount of wax is applied

When getting a machine wax, the wax doesn't penetrate the base as effectively as a hot wax (It is recommended as a quick option for one to two trips to the hill)

A quick and easy option to get wax applied (Faster turnaround than a hot wax)

Hot WaxHot Wax

First a base cleanser is applied to remove any dirt or built up wax off of the base of the ski. We then apply wax with a tuning iron and let the wax harden into the pores of the ski/snowboard overnight. After that, we hand scrape the wax off and hand buff the base starting with a coarser brush and polish it using a finer brush 

Hot waxes last longer than machine waxes because the hot iron opens the pores of the base more allowing the wax to penetrate deeper

If a temperature specific wax isn't requested, we apply a universal temperature wax

Belt Resurfacing & Base Structuring

Belt resurfacing begins with running the equipment through a Wintersteiger GRINDrite 21HUNDRED tuning machine with a coarse grit sanding belt to remove the first layer of base and then with a medium and fine grit sanding belt for a smooth finish. Lastly we use a cork belt to polish the base of the ski/snowboard

Base structuring involves using a high performance dressing stone to apply a variety of patterns into the base of the ski/snowboard. The touch screen display allows us to optimize the pattern on the base for specific skiing activities and snow conditions. These grooves (or structuring) allow the water molecules of the snow to pass through the skis to maximize equipment speed. Often, these grooves are present on the ski right from the factory and get worn off over time. This is a premium service that will recondition the base of the equipment as if it was new.

After the belt resurfacing and/or base structuring we sharpen the skis/snowboard and apply hot wax due to a layer of the base being removed when running it through the machine causing imprecise edge angles and the wax is sanded off

Belt resurfacing has to be done through our comprehensive tune or deluxe tune since a hot wax needs to be applied and edges need to be sharpened

Base structuring has to be done through our deluxe tune since fresh base needs to be exposed through belt resurfacing, hot wax needs to be applied, and edges need to be resharpened

Belt Resurfacing/Base Stucturing

Service Time

On average turnover time for services is 4 days; however, some services may take up to 10 days depending on what service needs to be done, the possibility of us having to order parts, and how many ongoing services we have

Plan ahead and bring your equipment in early so you don't have to worry about it not being done before your next trip to the hill


Service work is completed in the order it is received

Service does not guarantee that there will not be future issues

We are not responsible for equipment left over 60 days

If service is left unpaid, your equipment won't be released to you

We can remove rust on edges to the best of our ability; however, if pitting occurs from severe rusting we may not be able to get all of the rust off

We have the right to turn away service if we don't have the capabilities to complete a certain service

It is the customers responsibility to check that the equipment is serviced to their liking before they leave the store (We won't reservice equipment for free after it's taken out of the store)

Tuning can't be done on the spot since most of our services require the wax to harden into the pores of the ski/snowboard which means the wax has to sit at least for a night. Also we may not have a service technician on staff at any given time

It is the customers responsibility to make employees aware of how they want the edges on their equipment, otherwise we will set edge angles to the factory recommended setting