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Mold Type Type Price
Liner Mold Ski and Snowboard $24.99 per pair
Oven Mold Ski Only $39.99 per pair

Boot Customization Information

Liner Molds

Liner molds are used to help customize the inner liner of a ski/snowboard boot to a person's foot

Not all boot liners are heat moldable and we are only capable of heat molding liners from the brands that we carry

This helps reduce the time it takes to "break in" a boot

Heat Moldable Ski Boot Liners

K2: PowerFit Pro, PrecisionFit Pro, PowerFit Pro Tour, PrecisionFit Pro Tour, LuxFit Pro, and LuxFit Pro Tour

• Salomon: My Custom Fit 3D and My Custom Fit 4D

• Atomic: Mimic and Any 3D

• Dalbello: My Fit, ID Liners, IF Liners, and LUPO IF

• Rossignol: All Adult Boot Liners

Heat Moldable Snowboard Boot Liners

• K2: Intuition Liners

• Salomon: Precision, Drive, Response, Comfort, Universal, Custom Fit, and Full Custom Fit

• DC: Response Liner III

• Thirty-Two: Comfort Fit Liners, Team Fit Liners, Performance Fit Liners, and Elite Fit Liners

• Rossignol: Crank, Alley, Cutback, and Primacy Models

Oven Molds

Oven molds are used to help form the outer shell of a ski boot to relieve pressure points and expand the shell

Oven molds can be done multiple times so if pressure points are still present after getting your boots molded they can be molded again

Oven Moldable Ski Boot Shells

• K2: Powerlite Shell

• Salomon: Custom Shell and Custom Shell HD

• Atomic: Memory Fit

• Dalbello: My Fit Shells and I-Shell


The only boot customizations that we offer are liner and oven molds (We don't do stretching, grinding, or punching)

Both liner and oven molds have a turnover time of approximately 15 minutes to a half hour (This is dependent on the availability of our staff)

We don't take appointments for boot customizations

Molds are non-refundable and even though a mold can be done multiple times there are no guarantees that a liner or oven mold will fix discomforts

Both liner molds and oven molds only expand the liner/shell of the boot so a mold won't make a boot fit tighter

Make sure your boot fits well when first deciding on which boot to purchase (Once a boot is molded to your foot it can no longer be returned)

Customer has to be present to do a liner or oven mold so boot can be properly molded to the person who's using the equipment

It is recommended to wear your boots either around the house or on the hill before getting them heat molded to know exactly what areas are causing discomfort